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Innovating biomaterials design for regenerative medicine and biosensing


Prof Stevens Interviewed on BBC Radio 4

اسهم شركة الربيع Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prof Stevens Interviewed on BBC Radio 4

أسعار الأسهم الكويت Prof Stevens was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s “The Life Scientific” with Professor Jim Al-Khalili. To fit within the running time of the programme some of the conversation was cut and I would like to therefore reiterate here added special thanks to the incredible collaborators and research group who make all the advances possible (full details are on this group website). Also Stevens et al, PNAS 2005, would not have been possible without the co-authors from that paper especially Prasad Shastri, Bob Marini, Dirk Schaefer and Bob Langer. Finally the support from my PhD group (the LBSA at Nottingham Uni) has been wonderful throughout my career and the fabulous Prof Martyn Davies was instrumental in supporting my move to MIT.

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Pelin Çandarlıoğlu is runner up in FILM Image Of The Year competition

توصيات الخيارات الثنائية Friday, November 04, 2011

Pelin Çandarlıoğlu is runner up in FILM Image Of The Year competition

طريقة البيع والشراء في سوق الذهب Congratulations to Pelin Çandarlıoğlu who was a runner up in the FILM Image Of The Year 2011 competition. The competition is judged on the aesthetic quality of a scientific picture taken on a FILM microscope. Pelin's entry, “Hot Air Balloon Ride” - a voyage to bone formation, was one of the top 12 entries and she received a beautiful A3 calendar with the winning pictures.

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