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Stevens Group hosts LIYSF in 2017

اسهم دبي مباشر Friday, July 28, 2017

Stevens Group hosts LIYSF in 2017 الشركة السعودية لتسجيل الاسهم For over 8 consecutive years, the Stevens Group again hosted the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) on July 28th. The LIYSF comprises gifted young students, who saw a lecture from Anika Nagelkerke and demos on electrical monitoring of tissues (Mars Harrison), malaria (Adrian Najer), cardiac cells (Limor Zwi-Dantsis), Raman spectroscopy (Conor Horgan), acoustic manipulation of cells (James Armstrong), nanomaterials/biosensing (Chris Wood), and polymer chemistry/materials (Chris Spicer). The group is featured on the LIYSF’s 2017 promotional video and blog.

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