• Mr Jash Bhankharia

    MRes student in the Stevens Group since 2018, researching nanomaterials for cell transfection.

    BSc in Applied Medical Sciences at University College London [2015-2018]

  • Miss Melanie Flury

    MRes Bioengineering student researching biomineralization stimulation and scaffold development.

    Device Development intern at Roche [2017-2018]
    BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science at Kings College London [2013-2016]

  • Mr Teddy Mudge

    MRes student researching biosensing approaches for HIV detection. Co-supervised by Prof Jimmy Moore.

    Lead a team of engineers developing structural heart implants and delivery systems to treat Rheumatic Heart Disease [2013 - 2017]
    Mechanical Engineer working in machine design [2010 - 2013]
    BSc. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town [2006 - 2009]

  • Miss Ijeoma Patrick

    MRes + PhD in the Plastic Electronics CDT since 2018 researching organic semiconductors for biosensing applications. Co-supervised by Prof Martin Heeney.

    MSc in Nanotechnology at UCL [2016 - 2017]
    BSc in Physics at the University of Bristol [2010 - 2013]

  • Miss Dwiantari Satyapertiwi

    MRes Bioengineering student, reasearching on bone and cartilage tissue engineering.

    BEng in Chemical Engineering, University of Indonesia [2011-2015]

  • Mr Øystein Øvrebo

    Aker Scholar in the Stevens Group (MRes+PhD) since 2018 developing scaffolds for regeneration of the bone-cartilage interface. Joint with Dr Jonathan Jeffers.

    BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester [2015-2018].