• Dr Akemi Nogiwa Valdez

    Research Data Manager in Stevens Group since 2016.

    PhD [2006-2010] and Postdoctoral Researcher [2011-2013] in ceramic materials for bone replacement, University of Sheffield, UK.

  • Dr Paresh Parmar

    Dr Paresh A. Parmar
    Translational Research Manager in the Stevens Group
    Postdoctoral Fellow, University College London [2017-2019]
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Boston [2016-2017]
    PhD at Imperial College London, specialising in musculoskeletal tissue regeneration using stem cell-based approaches [2013-2016]

  • Miss Brittany Rae

    Technician in the Stevens Group since 2018.

    Research Assistant, University of Newcastle, Australia [2017-2018]
    BSc in Biomedical Sciences (Hons I), University of Newcastle, Australia [2011-2015]

  • Dr Chloe Stockford

    Programme Manager - UKRMP Smart Materials Hub

    Programme Manager, Department of Mathematics; Operations Manager, Tech Foresight; Hydrogen and Fuel and Cell Supergen Coordinator (2013-2018).
    Consultant inVentive Healthcare (Pharmaceutical Communications) (2011-2013).
    PhD from University of Cambridge, Physical Chemistry (2006-2010).

  • Miss Sirli Treumuth

    Laboratory Technician in Stevens Group since 2018.

    MRes in Biosciences (Biotechnology), University College London, [2016-2017]
    Laboratory Specialist in Clinical Microbiology and Virology in University of Tartu, Estonia [2014-2016]
    BSc in Biomedical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University [2011-2014]