• Miss Melisse Chee

    Laboratory Technician in Stevens Group from 2016.

    MSc in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine, University College London [2014-2015]
    BSc in Natural Sciences [2011-2014]

  • Dr Akemi Nogiwa Valdez

    Research Data Manager in Stevens Group since 2016.

    PhD [2006-2010] and Postdoctoral Researcher [2011-2013] in ceramic materials for bone replacement, University of Sheffield, UK.

  • Dr Ben Pierce

    Research Coordinator in Stevens Group since 2014.

    PhD in Chemistry, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill [2003-2008]
    Postdoctoral Research Associate/Group Leader, Helmholtz Association [2008-2012]

  • Miss Sabrina Skeete

    Biomaterials Technician & Laboratory Administrator in Stevens Group from 2009.

    MSc in Neuroscience, King's College London [2007-2008]
    BSc(Hons.) in Neuroscience, University College London [2004-2007]