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Group Photos

World Series 2010-2011

The Stevens Group students take on the postdocs in a thrilling battle that included olympic events, a pub quiz, kickball and Kubb!

Round one was a challenging game of Kubb, a Swedish lawn game. After five rounds the post docs had undoubtedly won, beating the PhD students 5-0.

Round two was a competitive game of American Kick Ball. The PhD students were the triumphant winners beating the Post Docs 8-7, bringing the overall score to 1-1.

Round three was a group pub quiz. The overall championship is still a draw after both teams achieved exactly the same score after hours of challenging trivia questions.

The final round was a sports day including such prestigious Olympic events such as the three-legged race, the egg and spoon race, the sack race and the tug of war. It was close but the overall championship was won by the Post Docs. Congratulations!

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